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Scalp micropigmentation


The scalp micropigmentation is a method of covering up hair loss based on the injection of a pigment imitating natural hair into the epidermis; this method is used by men and women suffering from all kinds of alopecia problems, as well as it helps to hide various scars and discolorations.
The treatment is safe and almost painless and it is carried out with specialist equipment.
The pigment injected into the epidermis lasts for several years and gradually shines brighter over time. It depends on individual predispositions, exposure of the scalp to UV radiation, selected pigment and the number of sessions performed. By using micropigmentation we can achieve the natural effect of the shaved scalp, reconstruct the hair line in case of progressive receding hairline, mask alopecia on the top of the head, and camouflage clear thinning even with longer hair.


There are generally two techniques of trichopigmentation:
I. pigmentation that creates the semblance of a shaved head (hundreds of small dots)
II. pigmentation that creates the semblance of short-cut hair (this technique optically thickens  hair or camouflage thinning, e.g. alopecia areata).

Indications for micropigmentation:

  • total alopecia
  • alopecia areata
  • alopecia
  • androgenic alopecia on top of the head and around the receding hairline
  • concealment of scars caused by hair transplants, neurological surgeries, burns or other injuries


  • pregnancy
  • infections
  • higher temperature
  • active tumour
  • advanced haemophilia
  • strong diabetes
  • psoriasis on the skin to be pigmented
  • long-term use of steroids and blood thinners
  • mental disorders and serious emotional disorders
  • strong neuroses
  • anxiety disorders

Treatment preparation:

a) shaved scalp technique:
It is recommended to shave the scalp at least 24 hours before the treatment, so that during the treatment the regrowth of natural hair is not greater than 1 mm. This facilitates our specialist to choose the correct pigment for your natural hair colour. This is important because e.g. 3-mm regrowth has a different colour than e.g. hair cut to 0.5 - 1 mm which inside (regardless of whether our natural hair is black, blonde, red or grey) is in shades of grey. This activity, performed one day before each treatment, allows our specialist to minimise the risk of choosing the incorrect pigment colour and to get satisfactory results from the very beginning.
b) short-cut hair technique
There is no need to cut your hair or shave your head. You are only recommended to wash your hair before the treatment.

Post-treatment recommendations:

  • do not wash your head for 48 hours following the treatment nor do you use hair conditioners for the first 7 days;
  • do not use sauna for the first fourteen days following the treatment;
  • wash the scalp only with gentle preparations, e.g. shampoo for children for the first fourteen days following the treatment;
  • do not bath in chlorinated water for the first fourteen days following the treatment;
  • it is not advisable to work out for at least five days in order not to make your skull too sweaty;
  • protect your scalp against sunlight

Therapy scheme (number and frequency of treatments performed):
The first visit includes a consultation and the first treatment. It takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the hair micropigmentation treatment.
The second visit - after 4 weeks - lasts 2 to 4 hours and we perfectly mix the hair colour with the colour of micropigmentation, and work out the hair line.
The third visit (if necessary) takes 3 to 5 weeks and lasts 1 to 3 hours to obtain a perfect shade and hair line.

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