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If you have a problem with your hair loss, the best solution is to visit a trichologist who deals with your scalp lesions and excessive hair loss. This specialist properly analyses the condition of the scalp, hair bulbs, scalp diseases, determines the causes of hair loss, and selects the appropriate and individual procedure and treatment.
Only the patient’s quick reaction, appropriate  diagnosis and proper care are a guarantee of healthy hair and scalp.

Trichological examination and trichoscopy consist in:

  • carrying out a thorough interview with the patient
  • diagnosing the scalp condition with an HD camera
  • evaluating skin problems
  • assessing the work of hair follicles
  • conducting necessary tests
  • assessing the condition of hair bulbs
  • analysing any possible causes of hair weakness and hair loss

The most common diseases treated in trichology are as follows:

  • hair loss
  • alopecia
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • oily scalp
  • dandruff
  • psoriasis
  •  scalp irritation and itching


1. Consultation and examination of the scalp with a microcamera (trichoscopy)

The consultation includes an interview and examination of the scalp and hair with a microcamera at 200 x magnification that enables carrying out an extremely accurate diagnosis of the scalp and hair. Therefore, it is possible to examine the hair, the work of glands and hair bellows, and the condition of the skin.
This enables the trichologist to see:

  •  whether the scalp is dirty or has a layer of crystallisation
  • whether sebaceous glands and sweat glands work properly
  • the condition of the blood vessels in the scalp
  •  the condition of the scalp (thin, thick, irritated, dry, flaky)
  • the condition of hair and hair bulbs
  • to what extent hair has been thinned out
  • whether hair follicles are miniaturised
  • the condition of hair follicles
    It is useful to determine the aforesaid parameters to carry out accurate diagnoses and select treatment methods.

2. Wood’s lamp examination:

This is a rapid diagnostic test based on the assessment of the colour of light emitted by the lamp (ultraviolet radiation) as a result of the fluorescence phenomenon.
This is a complementary test, useful in the diagnosis of fungal infections of the hairy scalp, bacterial infections and pigmentation disorders.
Examination duration - 5 minutes

3. Darsonvalisation

D’Arsonval is an effective device for stimulating hair growth. This device stimulates deep tissues by means of current (the so-called darsonvalisation). This current has high voltage but low current (up to 1mA). Its power can be adjusted to your needs and comfort. This device is completely safe as it does not cause any

muscle contractions in the area of the treatment. During its operation, there is produced ozone which destroys bacteria and heals damaged skin tissues.
D’Arsonval’s currents, commonly called “darsonvalisation”, are applied in trichology to:

• inhibit hair loss
• disinfect the skin
• stimulate the skin to produce collagen
• stimulate skin regeneration processes
• eradicate dandruff

The whole procedure lasts from 5 to 10 minutes.

It is very important not to wash your hair 24 hours before the examination and to apply styling products. If your hair has been coloured, you should wait about 2 weeks.


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